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Busy Bear Club NFT Explained | Must Check Out Before You Mint!

Busy Bear Club NFT is a collection of Non-Fungible Token game items. I hope this helped you save some money. I was pleasantly surprised by what the Busy Bear Club had to offer. The Mad City, where courage runs red. The fearless pioneers who earned their way to the top of their respected industries, and boasted strong community outreach. These are the members of the BUSY BEAR CLUB NFT collection!

What is Busy Bear Club NFT?

What is Busy Bear Club NFT
What is Busy Bear Club NFT?

BUSY BEARS CLUB is a collection of 2653 NFTs, representing all of the investors and businessmen in Mad City, who have made their way over from Cronos. They are known for their intelligence and creativity, which has helped them to quickly become leaders in their field.

Benefit of Joining To The Busy Bear Club

The Busy Bear Club is the ultimate membership for our community. It’s a place where you can learn from other members, share your knowledge and experiences, and have direct influence over the decisions that affect us all.

Here are some of the benefits of Busy Bear Club:

  • Access to smart analytical tools
  • Special cards
  • BB Treasury


Joining the Busy Bear Club is a great opportunity for you to get access to smart analytical tools and be involved in managing profits, and reinvesting processes to grow up new businesses.


Join the Busy Bear Club and you’ll get instant access to a whole host of benefits. One of them is utilities giveaways. Holders will automatically enter these giveaways during mint time, and the top 100 users that minted the highest number of BBs will enter special contests.


As a member of the Busy Bear Club, you’ll have access to our voting platform—where you can have a real say in how we develop and grow as a company.

4. BB Treasury

As a member, you’ll also have access to our community wallet filled with 10% profit. Through voting platform community will decide where those funds should go: some portion will be reserved for repurchasing BB under mint price from market to maintain the price.

Joining is easy! Just go to [link] and sign up today!


Joining to the Busy Bear Club will not only get you a chance to mint 2 or 6 BBs, but it will also give you a Standard or Elite Club Card that will guarantee special benefits like free NFTs, special giveaways, and more that soon will be announced.

Don’t miss out!

Busy Bear Club NFT Roadmap

The NFT industry is set for explosive growth as the global community of NFT traders grow in size. To meet this demand, the Busy Bear Club team are currently working on an exciting roadmap of products, features, rewards and benefits which they wish to implement into the Busy Bear Club platform.

Here are the Busy Bear Club NFT Roadmap:

  • Lotteries during mint with attractive rewards – Four shiny, brand-new Busy Bears and CRO prizes!
  • Launch of secondary marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFTs in an organized marketplace.
  • Rarity tool integration will allow us to track how many people own each NFT and provide information such as distribution rates and average ownership numbers (for example: “There are currently 563 Bears owned by our members.”).
  • Launching a secondary marketplace where you can trade your bears, as well as voting platform for BB holders about future project development.
  • Busy Bear Club building a community wallet filled with 10% CRO earned from mint (BB Treasury). This profit will be used for repurchasing BB under mint price from market, and the rules will be transparent and set together with community through voting platform. They believe that this is the way to make sure that all of our token holders can participate in growing the value of our project, while also contributing to its development.
  • Giveaway for Top 100 users minted the highest quantity of BBs
  • A sneak peek of Mad City, our new virtual game world where Bears can hang out and play games together (coming soon!)
  • Access to analytical tools that allow you to track your progress and compare it with other Bears
  • Own clubhouse in Metaverse
  • Roadmap 2.0 announcement and suprising future plans!. Keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon!
  • Standard Club Card – 3 BB minted, free 2 NFT and special contests for holders

To join the Elite Club, you need to own 6 or more BB tokens. If you do, you will receive:

  • Free 6 NFTs that you can use to decorate your home and make it more bear-y
  • Special contests for exclusive rewards
  • Extra bonuses that will be announced at a later date

Busy Bear Club NFT Statistics

  • Total NFT Collection: 2653
  • Available NFT: 2500
  • Mint price : 459
  • Number of Special Bears: 18

Bear Club NFT Art Details

  • Baground : 21
  • Head:63
  • Headwear: 29
  • Face: 16
  • Eye: 30
  • Earrings: 6
  • Body: 19
  • Outfit: 48

Official Link to Join Busy Bear Club

Busy Bear Club Website

Busy Bear Club Discord

Busy Bear Club Twiter

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