NFTii Mii Plaza Collection NFT Drops

NFTii Mii Plaza Collection NFT Drops

NFTii Mii Plaza Collection NFT Drops

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NFTii Mii Plaza is a collection of Miis created by @NFTiis. The group has 50 unique, characterized Miis. Each Mii has their own personality and story to tell. Will you join our community?

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All NFTii Mii Plaza Plaza Non-Fungible Tokens Are Now Available On The Polygon Blockchain ! You can join now!

NFTii Mii Plaz Founders

NFTii Mii Plaz was created by two founders: pure#0731 and flashyZ#3378. They both wanted to create a place where they could share their love of gaming and creativity with other people. Our founders are pure#0731 and flashyZ#3378. They created this platform to help people share their collections with others and build a community of trust and encouragement. We’re making dozens of characters with different traits and characteristics so that everyone will have a Mii they like.

Founders Comment

  • pure: “We’re curious about the creation and marketing of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and we’re having fun exploring possibilities so far!
  • flashyZ: “It started as a joke to drop an NFT related to Miis, but now it has become reality: NFTii is out!”


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