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Keroverse NFT | Complete Staking Solution for Your NFT Projects

NFT Staking is a way to earn money by holding NFTs. You can stake your NFTs and get paid for them. Staking is the process of putting up a stake, or deposit, to show that you have an interest in something. When you stake NFTs, you’re showing that you have an interest in the network and helping it grow.

What is keroverse NFT?

Keroverse is a complete staking solution for Solana NFT projects. It’s an all-in-one revenue-sharing platform that allows you to launch your staking platform in minutes.

Keroverse NFT is a project that offers the most promising roadmap on Solana. The team is committed to not only its NFT Holders but also every community member. The team aims to launch 3 set of NFTs – each with its unique set of utilities and value.

Keroverse Features

Here are list of Keroverse Features:

  • S2E Mechanism
  • Escrow Staking
  • MetaTools Integration
  • Flexible and Locked Staking
  • Rarity Multipliers
  • Multi NFT Staking

S2E Mechanism

The S2E Mechanism provides a platform that that allows users to stake their NFTs. This is done through the S2E mechanism, which allows users to buy and sell their NFTs on the market in order to earn passive revenue.

Escrow Staking

Escrow Staking is a feature that allows users to stake their NFTs in an off-chain escrow and receive a portion of the profits generated by their NFTs. This allows you to be both an investor and a business owner at the same time, which means you’ll get back more than just the original value of your NFT if it’s successful.

Escrow Staking is completely customizable and bug-free, with no need for third party verification or supervision. It’s also on-chain, which means it’s secured in a way that no other staking system can match.

MetaTools Integration

MetaTools Integration: Complete Bots Package for NFT Projects – Easily Set up Staking Bonuses & Multipliers. MetaTools is a bot package that helps you set up multipliers and staking bonuses. It’s really easy to use and makes it possible to do a whole lot more with your NFT project.

Flexible and Locked Staking

With Keroverse NFT Project, you are free to decide the length of time you want to stake your tokens. You can also choose how much yield you want during that period. This gives you the freedom to set up a staking duration that suits your needs.

Rarity Multipliers

The Keroverse features include a rarity multiplier that’s based on the meta-value of your NFT. This means that if you have a rarer NFT, it will be more valuable on secondary markets. Keroverse team developed a system to calculate the meta-value of your NFTs and display it in your wallet for easy reference.

How Does keroverse Works?

Step 1 : Fill out the setup form by entering all the necessary details about the project and the token to configure your staking platform.

Step 2: Customize Staking Multipliers: Customize your staking experience by enabling several multiplier features and bonuses to reward the Holders (integrated with MetaTools by Keroverse).

Step 3: Select Standard or Premium Package. The Standard Package is free and allows you to create a staking platform in minutes by simply selecting a color theme, while the Premium Package allows you to customize your site with more advanced branding options and plugins. You can also pay a One-Time Fee to unlock even more features on each package.

Step 4: Once you have finalized all the details and made your choice, it’s time to deploy! Simply confirm all of the details, then pay for your plan. Once the payment has been processed, Keroverse will deploy your Staking Platform immediately.

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