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You may have heard of the infamous “MAGA Frens NFT” who stormed the American Capitol building in the most deadly insurrection in American History. The damage and chaos was so severe it created a big bang and turned them into cartoon characters in NFT land! Now you can own a piece of that history with MAGA Frens NFT!

What Is MAGA Frens NFT?

The MAGA Frens project is based on political satire. Our goal is to turn political satire into a collectible and tradable digital asset. MAGA is an asset token on the Fantom blockchain. So far, Fantom has proven to be the most developer-friendly chain, while combining speed, performance, and censorship resistance specifically made for NFTs and Gaming. Maga Frens NFT is the first NFT that is cross-chain with 8 different chains (ETH, XTZ, FTM, BSC, etc).

what is MAGA Frens NFT

One of the most exciting parts of Maga Frens NFT is that you will get free drops like Keyboard Warriors and BLM Buddies! As well as 3D Characters to use in the Metaverse!

Lots of political projects have been popping up lately and MAGA Frens is yet another one. This is a decentralized fun project that targets on making the craziness in US politics aspirational. It’s time we come together as a community to grow our gift economy by persevering in our pursuit of liberty and freedom as a nation of NFT collectors.

MAGA Frens NFT Roadmap And Progress

Phase 1: Merchandise Store

MAGA Frens, the first NFT-powered social media platform, has launched its very first phase of development. This phase includes the rollout of a merchandise store that will allow users to purchase MAGA Fren apparel and exclusive merchandise based on each NFT for each holder!


The second phase of our roadmap which includes BLM BUDDIES, BLM Buddies and Free community airdrop!


You’ll soon be able to breed your MAGA Frens with each other, and all of their offspring will be able to breed as well. This will be the first NFT on the Fantom blockchain to implement a breeding system,


At 80% sold-out, we’ll be donating $20,000 to Wounded Warriors. We’ll also donate 5% of all secondary sales—so that’s a lot of money going to an incredible cause!

So what do you have to do? Keep buying and selling your NFTs in the marketplace! The more people who buy and sell them, the more money goes towards Wounded Warriors. And if you’ve got any friends who have some extra NFTs lying around, why not sell them for charity? They’d be happy to help out Wounded Warriors, too.


Phase 4 is about to be released into the MetaVerse! That means that 3D versions of each NFT will be dropped to holders with access to rigged, 3D Versions in different MetaVerse Games. In this phase, The goal is to create a true metaverse where people can live, work, play and socialize in a virtual world.

Phase 5: MAGA Frens

The MAGA Frens are a group of degenerate deplorables that stormed the American Capitol building in the most deadly insurrection in American History. The damage and chaos was so severe it created a big bang and turned the fuckers into cartoon characters in NFT land.

What are the future plans for the MAGA Frens?

MAGA Frens has great ideas in the pipeline and we feel like Fantom Ecosystem has the best setup for future-proofing the things we want to do. For instance, if we wanted to develop a game in Unreal or Unity, we can use those engines on our platform with no problem—and if a new one comes out, it’ll be easy to switch over.

How much will a MAGA Frens NFT be?

If you’re wondering how much a MAGA Frens NFT will cost, we’ve got some good news: it’s only $45 FTM! If you want to get your hands on one of these super-rare NFTs, there’s only one place to go: Fantom. And luckily you don’t even have to pay for them in USD because Fantom is trading around $1.80 or less. That means that with a little math, we can figure out that each MAGA Frens will cost about $68 USD!

There are only 5,000 of these NFTs available for purchase, so if you want yours, act fast!

How do I use the Fantom Blockchain to mint?

The Fantom Blockchain is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform that allows you to mint your own NFTs. It’s a great place for artists and collectors alike to create, sell, and trade their own unique digital assets in an open marketplace.

To get started with the Fantom blockchain, you’ll need to set up your MetaMask wallet and connect it to the Fantom network. This guide will walk you through how to do that.

Once you have MetaMask installed on your computer, all you need to do is add the FTM token as a custom token on MetaMask. Then, go ahead and buy some FTM in SafePal Wallet using Binance within the App!

Now that you have some FTM, head over to PaintSwap where you can list your MAGA Frens NFT!

Steps to Mint Mint On Fantom Blockchain:

  • First, you’ll need to download the Fantom Network wallet and set it up. You can find instructions for doing so here.
  • Next, you’ll want to buy some FTM tokens using your MetaMask account. You can do that on Binance using SafePal, which is a MetaMask extension.
  • Once you have some FTM in your account, you can use them to buy MAGA Frens NFTs on PaintSwap!

MAGA Frens NFT Community address

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Maga Frens NFT is a digital art piece that was created by artist Omer Serdaroglu. It represents the essence of being a fan and the feeling that comes with being part of an extraordinary community.

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